Totally Tropical Greetings

It’s summer! Yay! We’re feeling exotic and in the holiday spirit, and have added a new set of totally tropical cards to our Etsy shop. Featuring hand-made lino-cut stamped images, they depict a water melon slice, a flamingo, and a toucan. Why not send a tropical card to a friend to say ‘hi’, or ‘happy birthday’ or ‘shall we go on holiday?’! Or even just to send … Continue reading Totally Tropical Greetings

Veggie plot organisation

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! My Dad and my Fil (Father in Law) are both into their gardens. Dad has an eclectic mix of almost everything – from English garden roses and hydrangeas, to bamboo and phormium, and almost every shrub inbetween! He has a small veg patch too, growing potatoes, tomatoes, a few strawberries, and faithful runner beans. Fil is my allotment partner. Although it’s fair to say we have … Continue reading Veggie plot organisation