Veggie plot organisation

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

My Dad and my Fil (Father in Law) are both into their gardens.

Dad has an eclectic mix of almost everything – from English garden roses and hydrangeas, to bamboo and phormium, and almost every shrub inbetween! He has a small veg patch too, growing potatoes, tomatoes, a few strawberries, and faithful runner beans.

Fil is my allotment partner. Although it’s fair to say we have very different gardening styles, we get on very well, and produce some cracking vegetables! Just now, strawberry season has arrived, and so have all the slugs – it’s certainly challenging to stop the pesky blighters from eating EVERYTHING! (We’re on our third planting of beans…!) As you can see from the picture above, we have been using apple branch cuttings to label our plantings – very rustic, but not so practical as the pen fades over the weeks.

So, when it came to getting a token of thanks for each of them for Father’s day, I knew exactly where to go. Etsy, of course, for beautiful handmade gifts, with a garden theme.

Wendover Wood make a variety of great products, including these plant markers. They’re made to order, so you can choose the writing on each to suit what you’re growing. Bob and Adam were very helpful when I ordered, advising what will fit on the labels, and went above and beyond to get the gift to me in a tight time frame, due to my rather delayed ordering!

For Fil, I actually found these fun, bright plant markers at the local Village Day I attend in May. It was only after that I also found JM Garden Obelisks on Etsy. Aren’t they fun? They’re made from reclaimed wood, crafted to shape, then carefully painted to represent the veg of choice.

I think both Dads will be chuffed with their gifts today – a double win for Etsy!

Thanks Dads, you’re both great. Better than great. Super-fantastic-great. Love you.


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