The right sort of impact

The postman strolls up the drive and pops a few letters through your door. You scoop them up and have a riffle through what’s come. Oh! A grin spreads across your face and your heart quickens a little – there’s an envelope here that looks like Aunty Sarah’s writing! You rip the seal open and pull out a beautiful handmade card. You gasp again, How wonderful!

This is the right sort of impact we want our handmade cards to make. A reaction of joy and smiles.

In the making process of our cards, we’ve also made decisions that help us to have the right sort of impact. Our impact on the environment. A little enterprise like us doesn’t have much impact on the great big environment, I hear you question. Well, maybe not, but every small thing each of us does has some impact on the bigger picture, so we have a responsibility to be aware of it and make the best choices.

Although card and paper is recyclable, we’ve decided to go a step further. Our card and paper stock is sourced from Eco-Craft, recycled card blanks made in an environmentally aware process. From their website:

“Choosing recycled products is a positive step towards helping to conserve the Earth’s natural resources and reduce the amount of waste which would otherwise go to landfill.

Recycling paper can also reduce the energy required in production by up to 50%, with similar effects on pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. Recycling also reduces water usage by up to 50% and involves fewer chemical processes.”

We also source the sleeves our finished cards are presented in from them. Made from corn starch (annually renewable) these are fully biodegradable and compostable, breaking down to CO2 and H2O. While a petro-chemical based plastic (like a plastic bag) can take between 10 – 1000 years to degrade [], these corn-based bioplastics take between 1 -4 months to biodegrade []

The same is true for our packaging when sending your purchase out to you. These are either biodegradable or recyclable. Eco Mailing Bags also try to stick to British sources for their stock. They’re available in all sorts of bright colours too! We tend to go with lime green to match our branding.


We hope that, if you don’t cherish the card forever, you place it in the recycling, and help the circle go around again!



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