The early festive bird gets the offer…

Today is the 25th September. For most, that just means it’s the 25th of the month, it’s starting to feel a bit Autumnal, and we’re tempted to put the heating on. But for us creatives, it means that the big festive occasion is just 3 months away. I’m not quite sure how that happened, and where the rest of the year went, but who am I to argue with the calendar?


The Christmas prep has been happening behind the scenes here at Beck’s Creative for a few weeks now. The sketching of new ideas, developing the scribbles into designs, and finalising the finished greeting cards. Most excitingly, is the addition to our seasonal range of personalised cards.

So now, you can send an extra special personalised card to those extra special people in your life! Our cards are made to order, and as such, can have whatever name you’d like – official names, nicknames, or ‘special aunty’… it really is up to you!

And the cherry on the cake (or rum on the pudding?) is that from today until 7th October, our personalised Christmas cards have a special introductory 10% off! Head over to the website to choose which you’d like to send!

You don’t need to apply a code, the price has already been altered, and it will revert to £4.50 a card on the 7th October.


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