I’ve been busy creating!

Well, a rather belated happy new year to you! It’s been a hectic start to the new year, after a busy end to the last, and I’m just about catching my breath.

How were your festive celebrations? We had a wonderful time, with just the right mix of relaxing and gatherings with friends and family. It is a joy to have the excuse to all get together for a laugh and catch up, isn’t it?

I do like to get back to some sort of routine though, and have been doing my own catch up with the ever-growing to do list! One of the things I’ve been busy with is the creating of a few new designs!

Late last year I had a request for a personalised birthday card for an 18 year old girl, so I sat down and sketched a few ideas down. I settled with a fun ‘Birthday girl’ hand drawn modern calligraphy style font, my favourite bold stripy numbers, and slim line name… In fact, I liked it so much, I thought the birthday boys should have an option too! The cards are all made to order, so you’re not tied to the classic ‘milestone’ ages – celebrate the reaching of 27 or 62!


Also fresh off the desk into the shop – Send your very best congratulations to those clever beings for passing the test, getting the degree, starting the job… take a look at our new ‘you clever thing’ cards – I couldn’t decide between the two font layouts, so decided to offer both! You decide – italic or bold! 

We’ve also been busy making Valentine’s day cards (that’s only 2 weeks away peeps!) and Mother’s day designs (it’s an early one this year, 11th March), and of course topping up stock of selling-out designs, like our calla lily sympathy card… phew! Time to stop for a cuppa and quick recharge I think!

If you’d like to keep an interested eye on what we’re up to, and be first to hear about new designs, offers, and special treats, why not sign up to our emails?

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