Home Sweet Home

The excitement of moving house – unpacking to find new homes for everything, putting your own splash of colour on the walls, deciding where to hang the pictures… really making the space your Home Sweet Home.

Our ‘Home Sweet Home’ card is just the ticket to send your very best to friends or family who’ve just moved, or even to purchase for yourselves to frame and hang in the hallway!

We’ve had a quite few of these on the desk this month – Spring is obviously the time to have a new start and a change of scenery!

Making a start on some hand drawn card designs
2018-04-17 14.55.16
Adding ink to the pencil sketch

As with all our cards, this design is made on a recycled card blank. From sketching the design out in pencil, adding the specific road name and door number, I then carefully add the ink. The cross-stitch font takes a little time!

After the card has had time to dry, the pencil is rubbed out – it’s always best to leave it a bit longer than you think, smudges are very frustrating, often meaning the card needs to be started again from scratch! Detail is added to the lettering, and a flourish of colour to the climbing flowers.

We can adjust the design to fit in long road names….
…and long house numbers can also be accommodated!

As the orders are made to order, the personalisation is flexible – you choose the house number, the road name, and can even alter the cross stitch wording. ‘Our First Home’ was requested by a customer, a wonderful keep-sake!


Or even have the family cat included!


These custom made, new home cards are available to order on our website. Through out April, we have a special offer running, with a free card included for every £5 spent with us (per transaction, not including postage). So, spend £5 and receive one free card, spend £15 and receive 3 free cards, and so on! No code needed, the complimentary cards will be added automatically when your order is packaged for dispatch.

Why not have a browse to top up the greeting card box, and get organised for the next few months of celebrations and letter writing?


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